"Helping Hand" - Original

"Helping Hand" - Original

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Artwork Name: "Helping Hand" - Original
Certification: ArtTrust Certified
Edition: Original
Medium: Acrylic on Gallery Stretched Archival and Acid-free Canvas
Size: 48x48inch
Created: 2019

Description: This piece was created specifically to raise funds for Handy, Inc, a charitable organization in South Florida that helps at-risk youth by providing life financial and emotional support, life skills training and education for them to thrive. Proceeds from the sale of this painting benefit Handy and the work they are doing in the community.  I'm sure all of us can connect with the need from time to time for someone to reach down and pull us up.  This piece gives you a chance to pass it forward and inspire others to do the same. It's an investment that keeps giving.

Mark Phi partners with charitable organizations all over the world to help them to raise funds for their cause through our "Impact Model".  We hold these organizations accountable for the funds we help them to raise by requiring them to provide evidence of how the funds are used.  Visit http://markphicreations.com/create-impact/ to learn more about our "Impact Model".