"Marcus Mosiah Garvey" - Limited Edition Print

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Artwork Name: “Marcus Mosiah Garvey” - Limited Edition Print
Certification: ArtTrust Certified
Edition: Limited Edition Color Print (50 max)
Medium: Front Mounted Acrylic on Metallic Paper
Limited Edition Print Sizes: 36x45 inch and 48x60 inch

Original Painting Size: 48x60inch
Original Painting Created: 2020

Description: Description: Pandemic work.  Following the murder of George Floyd I created a body of work called "46 Pleas" which included a painting with the last words of George Floyd and a 4 part docuseries called "Conflicted Coward".  The moment lead me back to the philosophy of Marcus Garvey.  Empowerment and independence.  In researching his life and accomplishments, it lead me to Jamaica's National Heroes and inspired another body of work dedicated to transforming the portrayal of Jamaica's National Heroes and retelling their stories from an authentic Jamaican perspective.  This Marcus Garvey painting along with the other 6 national heroes will be institutionalized in Jamaica and become a part of the country's permanent exhibit in their national gallery.  A part of a multi-dimensional body of work including film, music, art, digital and print.