Pastel Dreams 1 - Original
Pastel Dreams 1 - Original

Pastel Dreams 1 - Original

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Artwork Name: "Pastel Dreams 1" 
Collection: Pastel Dreams

Edition: Original
Medium: Acrylic on Gallery Stretched Archival and Acid-free Canvas
Technique: Palette Knife, multiple layers of varying colors of glossy, iridescent and matte acrylic paint 
Size: 12x36 inch
Created: June 2023

This piece is the premier in a new collection of abstract paintings, born from a desire to broaden the reach of my creations. The premier piece of this collection found a home through a charitable sale benefiting the Dr. Sue Foundation.

Dr. Sue, a dear friend, expressed a need for more approachable art for her community. To honor her request and retain the prestige enjoyed by my collectors, I embarked on a journey to create smaller pieces with a distinct technique.

The enthusiastic response to the first piece in this collection has inspired the creation of a series of artworks, each characterized by the same thematic elements. Pastel colors and a diverse array of geometric shapes make each piece a unique exploration within this theme, offering art lovers an exciting new avenue to enjoy and invest in my work at a more affordable price point. 

This captivating piece, measuring 12x36 inches, is a delightful exploration of color and form. It's a vibrant dance of pastel hues, where light pink, mint green, baby blue, and iridescent gold take center stage, creating a pleasing visual melody.

These softer tones are occasionally punctuated by deeper notes of charcoal and dark brown, adding depth and interest to the composition. The result is a well-balanced palette that captures the eye and stirs the imagination.

The technique employed in this piece involves the use of geometric shapes, layered to create a tangible sense of depth. This gives the painting a unique 3D effect, a feature that sets it apart and adds to its charm.

This artwork is ideal for anyone looking to enhance their space with a pop of color and a touch of modern sophistication. It's a statement piece that speaks of refinement, yet its accessible size and price point make it an appealing choice for a wide range of art lovers.

This piece is sold but you can find others in the collection.

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