"Sunrise Sunset Contentment" - Limited Edition Print (10 Max)
"Sunrise Sunset Contentment" - Limited Edition Print (10 Max)

"Sunrise Sunset Contentment" - Limited Edition Print (10 Max)

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Artwork Name: "Sunrise Sunset Contentment" - Limited Edition Print
Certification: ArtTrust Certified
Edition: Limited Edition Color Print (10 max)
Medium: Front Mounted Acrylic on Metallic Paper
Limited Edition Print Sizes: 36x36 inch and 48x48 inch
Original Painting Size: 36x36inch
Original Painting Created: 2015

Description: Sunrise Sunset Contentment is a reminder that everything is going to be ok and from sunrise to sunset to remain content in what is.  Wanting is suffering. Acceptance doesn't resign us to abstain from change but frees us from the burdens of the past and gives us the power we need to move forward without wanting the past to be different. The warm colors, relaxed posture, the vulnerable physical state, holding his cup and prayer beads, sitting comfortably, smiling contently on the clouds is a state that hopefully brings you peace.

Limited Edition Color Prints (10) are produced on front-mounted high definition 1/4" deep polished edge acrylic and metallic paper.
Once all 10 limited edition color prints are sold, no more will be produced.
All Reproductions are certified by ArtTrust and are accompanied by an ArtTrust bubble seal and ArtTrust Certificate of Authenticity. 
The reproduction technique delivers a lustrous viewing pleasure that enhances the brilliance of the colors.